From cringe to chic: The ‘fanny pack’ is back and it’s stylish AF

Gelo Lasin

Remember those god-awful strap-on purses that were a faux pas in the 90s? The one that made you look like a loan shark who’s about to collect a payment on someone’s utang?

Thanks to fashion’s ever-revolving door of trends, the cringe-worthy fanny pack is making a legit, die-hard comeback to our hips and hearts.

Resurrected as the ‘Belt Bag’ – along with a more sophisticated and glossed-up look – this newest fashion reboot is taking the world by storm.

Unlike it’s bulky older brother, the belt bag is modeled to resemble a miniature version of a signature bag or purse.

The design is also embellished to give the accessory a little bit of “OOMPH!”. Some bags are also versatile enough to be worn traditionally around the waist or across the body.

From drab to fab

Even celebs are all in

The 90’s relic has also been Zara-fied

Crossbody Belt Bag with Lions Detail (PHP 1,995)

Belt bag (PHP 1,295)

Bershka has a pretty lit collection too

Faux leather belt bag (PHP 895)

So, what do you think? Has the infamous 90’s icon finally redeemed itself? Will you be caught dead wearing these?

We def will be
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