6 must-follow Instagram bloggers for dudes who bleed fashion

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In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for men to flaunt their own sense of style. Gone are the days when male fashion was boxed in by the stereotypical ‘rugged and dirty’ look.

This 2019, we take a look at six classy, and sophisticated Filipino bloggers who have carved out their own signature fashion statement – while breaking a few barriers in the process.

David Guison

It’s undeniable that David Guison owns IG thanks to his impeccable fashion sense. He can rock the boy-next-door look to stern, yet classy CEO in a heartbeat.

Blogging since 2009, David has banked on his style-savvy and IG-perfect visuals to create his own signature fashion statement.

Mikyle Quizon

Channel your inner rockstar with Mikyle Quizon’s style. His vintage rockstar aesthetic is the perfect fit if you’re craving for an edgy and fierce outfit. Boots, skinny jeans and glasses would be your go-tos if you’re copping his look.

Miko Carreon

If you’re always on the go but still prefer to look dashing and street stylish, Miko Carreon is your man. His flair is a mixture of street style and casual wear that is cool and classy at the same time.

Jeffrey Lawrence Pacer Ong


Laidback and chill would be the perfect way to describe Jeff Ong. His minimal street aesthetic fits any occasion because of his choice of colors. From Cuban shirt to a simple off white shirt, his style is the definition of trendy.

Sef Loseo

This list would not be complete without Sef Loseo a.k.a. Potatosef a.k.a. Victoria Salt, or whatever name you may know him by.

Breaking the social stereotype of dress codes, according to him:

‘I honestly have no idea how to describe or categorize how I dress up. I just do me. I don’t follow the rules or labels. Regardless if it’s from “women’s” or “men’s” section, if I like it, I’ll wear it.’

Kerwin King

Men can wear pastels too and Kerwin King can attest to that. Thanks to his pastel blocking, his style is considered as neat and clean. He has been featured in different magazines such as Mega and Garage and was nominated in Influence Asia 2017 under the ‘Fashion’ category.

Contributed by: Mark Baccay

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