LOOK: Christian Louboutin drops a fab new line of Manila-inspired bags

Gelo Lasin

Manila just captured another tourist’s heart with its beauty…and said heart just happened to belong to non-other than Christian Louboutin.


The internationally-acclaimed French designer released his newest line of totes – named MANILACABA– after being inspired by the colorful sights and joyful vibe of Manila.


It was the exotic jeepneys, however, that really influenced the bags’ designs. While he was stuck in one of Manila’s signature traffic jams, Christian got to fully appreciate the vibrant decorations which adorned the vehicles.

As such, the gorgeous totes bear an image of the iconic PUV.


Christian ended up working with the GREAT Women, a platform dedicated to empowering local women artisans and entrepreneurs.

True to his advocacy, the ‘Shoe King’ chose to use traditional weaves and embroidery for the core material of the Louboutin bags.


Even the inside of the tote is modeled with everyday things unique to the Philippines, including jeepney signs that bear words such as “Makati” and “No Selfies”


I mean, c’mon…. these are just simply beautiful. The totes come in two designs: Denim Blue and Black Satin.


You can visit the Louboutin MANILACABA collection at Rustan’s department stores.

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