22 stunning AF snaps of Kelsey Merritt for her 22nd birthday

Gelo Lasin

Kelsey Merritt celebrated her 22nd birthday today

And while we’ve never hid our affection for the Filipina stunner in the past, we simply can’t get enough of Kelsey’s magnetic beauty and personality.

So for her 22nd bday, we’ve listed down 22 of our fave Kelsey-isms to show some love for our fave Victoria’s Secret model.

1. When she proved that she is #Blessed



2. When she was chosen to walk at the VS Fashion Show (and basically shouted #PinayPride!)

3. When she looked mesmerizing at the callbacks prior to the announcement

4. I mean, jeez…

5. When she doesn’t forget to remind us that she’s batak as hell

6. When she offers us a glimpse at her fairytale romance with beau, Conor Dwyer

7. Ugh, these two!

8. When she broke us while showing off her tan lines

9. When she agreed that #LoveIsLove

10. When she gives us a BTS of her VS shoots

11. Good lawd…

12. That smile

13. That look

14. When she showed love for her momma – coz that’s always sexy

15. Oh, and for her dad too!

16. When she never forgot about her studies

17. ‘Cause we stan a woman with beauty AND brains

18. When she doesn’t forget to bring us along on her tours

19. When she flaunted her jaw-dropping beach body

20. When she’s all covered up AND STILL looks better than you and me

21. When she said ‘Good Morning’ in the most beautiful way possible

22. All hail a goddess

Bonus Round:

Technically, this is cheating (coz it ain’t a clip), but she’s just too adorable here to ignore. And besides, we’re really digging the fact that she tries to bring up Pinas with every answer.

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