Justin Bieber’s new clothing line is frigging atrocious

Gelo Lasin

One of the many privileges of being a massive celebrity is that you can do whatever the hell you want.

Kanye could create a mediocre shoe, slap his ‘Yeezy’ branding on it, and it’ll sell for millions. Kylie Jenner could (allegedly) plagiarize other makeup lines and people would STILL gobble up hers.


Sometimes, the name is what matters, more than the product itself.

Justin Bieber’s newest venture into fashion is expected to receive the same kind of treatment ’cause, let’s be honest, only a die-hard Bieber stan would cop clothes that look like these.


Called ‘Drew’ (after his middle name), Biebs’ new collection features sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pants all dressed up in varying shades of beige.

It’s apparently going for the ‘I’m too chill to care’ vibe, based on their website. But hey, it’s hard NOT to care when these supposedly minimalistic looks clock in at an average price of  $100 (Php 5,221).

Oh, and the clothing line’s defining trait? A smiley face with the brand’s name on it. A fucking smiley face. For $100.


And if you think we’re ranting for social media brownie points, the rest of the Internet actually shares the same sentiment, as even Bieber fans see the whole thing as ridiculous.


But still, I won’t be surprised if Drew House’s merch gets sold out in less than a week. As I previously mentioned, sometimes the name trumps the product.

Besides, maybe I’m just slowly entering my ‘Tito’ years where I hate everything that’s supposedly ‘hip’ and ‘fun’. We, millennials, do have a tendency of associating not giving a damn to being cool.

Or maybe I just don’t wanna look like a cast member in that show everyone loves.

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