5 must-follow Instagram bloggers to up your summer look

Gelo Lasin

Are you a dude looking for some sweet summer styl’n? Look no further because we have your back!

We gathered some of the coolest summer style moments from our local Instagram bloggers and curated them in one place for you to indulge in.

Get ready for our quick guide of summer essentials that will have you chill’n and ready for everything, from the ‘casual mister’ look to the coolest beach boy of the season.

Mike Miguel (@Mikewillfly)

If the situation calls for something with a little class, polos would be the perfect fit for you. You can play it down with neutral colors, a tailored fit, and a pair of jeans or shorts just like how Mike, or popularly known as @mikewillfly, does in his IG.

John de Leon (@Jpdeleon)

Striped Shirts are one of the must-haves this summer because, not only is it fashionable, but it also keep you from only wearing plain shirts, which often become the mundane go-to due to the summer heat.  Consider looking at Jp de Leon for some inspo.

Michael Macalos (@michaelmacalos)

Our summer fashion essentials would not be complete without Chino Shorts. Just like Michael, branch out and try to work them into your social attire. Those bad boys go perfectly with anything from plain shirts to button down.

Lance de Ocampo (@lancedeocampo)

Floral Button Downs are still a thing and it still screams fashion! Lance’s style is very much laid back and very cool but still edgy.

Here’s the thing tho if you’re copping this look. Refrain from choosing thick fabrics and instead, go for lightweight and wavy materials that are made for warm weather.

TJ Sebastian Gamol (@iamteejay)

We can all agree that Tank Tops would always be everyone’s go-to every summer. Not only is it so comfortable, but it also extenuates the body and makes you sexier to look at. TJ’s style pretty much proves our point.


Contributed by: Mark Baccay

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