5 must-try haircuts for guys this 2019

Gelo Lasin

Do you need a style inspo for the new year? From buzz cuts to pomps, we’ve gathered the hairstyles that you might wanna show your barber and give a try this 2019.

Short Pompadour


Sometimes, the most stylish and simplistic of cuts do the best work in making you look fresh AF.

Blunt Fringe


The men’s fringe or the men’s bangs is perfect for guys who want to be fashion forward. It’s been proven to be a unique, yet popular haircut, even being copped in fashion shows.

Buzz Cut


The buzz cut, which you may all be familiar since it was seen on stars like Zayn and Ryan Reynolds, delivers minimalism and trend in one haircut, and is a truly low-maintenance style.

Crew Cut


Crew cuts have long been a classic hairstyle, most seen on college kids and army recruits. It is a simple tapered look, with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else is made shorter.

Midfade + Surgical Line


This fresh style is a faded cut in the middle and gives emphasis to the extra detail of a surgical line that runs parallel to the tape up. It’s a very unique cut that’s simple, yet eyecatching.

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