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Summer season is indeed already here! One way to stay cool is by wearing comfortable clothes like t-shirts. What better way to do it is in style with Calypso PH’s newest apparel which just launched this March – The Demi Shirts!

Those iconic ‘90s branded t-shirts, the endless statement shirts of the 2000’s you grew up wearing are going to be back and better than ever, especially because self-expression outside of social media will be bigger than ever in 2018.


Calypso PH drew their inspiration for their new shirt collection from the idea of demigods – which are the offspring of a god and a human, usually blessed with god-like abilities.

They currently have shirts available for the children of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Choose your side and answer this one question: Whose child are you, demigod?

The modern children of Zeus are famously known for being confident, ambitious, and fearless. They are also known as natural born leaders and gracefully succeed under pressure. Are you one of them?

Popularly known, the millennial children of Poseidon are passionate, adventurous, and idealistic. They are well-known also for being spontaneous, fun-loving, and awesome for keeping friends. So are you #TeamPoseidon?

The 21st-century children of Hades are widely famed for being independent, innovative, and transparent. Also, anyone would definitely think twice before messing with them, and they look unbeatably cool in black. Does this sound just like you?

Didn’t see your father or mother from the list? Don’t worry! They’ll be launching more of the main Olympian gods and goddesses this April!

A quick backtrack: Calypso PH actually started as brand who makes modern and timeless accessories that can go with anything and everything — whether it be casual, urban, or formal wear. And they still sell accessories up to now!

Let’s have their bestseller, also their best-known bracelet: The Distance Bracelets. According to their website, “The Distance Bracelets are made to ease the sadness of being away from your loved one with a piece to remember each other by”.

The white Howlite bracelet symbolizes the pureness of the relationship, while the black Hematite bracelet symbolizes the bond of the relationship. It has a magnetic feel too! A great design with a touching and sentimental meaning? Sign us up!

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