El Marikeño: Leather shoes for the casually elegant gentlemen

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We’re used to associating leather shoes with the formality of a corporate setting and the refinement of formal functions. Many among us though, especially the youngsters, are averse to wearing leather footwear as they’re deemed uncomfortable and not the most fashion-forward, given the supposed sturdy materials used on them.

We prefer the comfort of wearing sneakers and rubber shoes on a daily basis, but the downside of it is that we get uneasy and conscious when we suddenly find ourselves in a place or gathering that requires being a bit more dressed up.

With El Marikeño, you’ll never be underdressed wherever, whenever.

Tan Penny Loafers by Fernando

The rubber soles of all El Marikeño’s casual leather shoes are made from lightweight and waterproof materials, so you can wear them daily and on any occasion, even during the rainy season.

What’s special about El Marikeño is that the shoe insoles are made of a memory foam-like material, ensuring each step is well-supported and feels the softest.

One to not sacrifice style, this Marikina-made leather shoe brand boasts of classic and timeless designs and guarantees that each shoe is made from genuine full grain leather to ensure durability and value for money.

Mustard Chelsea Boots by Niño

Everyday wear or casual wear shouldn’t necessarily equate to looking lousy. Whether you’re running an errand, strolling around the mall or hanging out with friends, looking and feeling more presentable than normal is always a good thing.

El Marikeño makes you look casually elegant all day, every day.

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Walnut Brogues by Ambrosio

Fancy a pair? Enter the Christmas code “CASUALCHRISTMAS” when you order any of their shoes at https://elmarikeno.typeform.com/to/vDjaLm to get a 10% discount!

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