Fresh AF: Up your dapper game with these premiere and local fashion brands

Gelo Lasin

Dapper culture has always been more than just style.

For some, it’s a symbol of stature, a sophisticated look worn by men of prestige, from up-and-coming execs to established CEOs.

For others, it’s a style that reflects a specific mentality; the type of people who have mad attention to detail, who expect nothing but the best, and who make sure they stand out in everything they do.

Ergo, it’s the look of success.

And while it might seem as simple as picking a suit from the rack, achieving the ideal dapper look comes with a few key pointers to keep in mind.

Respect the Suit

Opt for a gray or navy suit, as these colors are the most versatile and can complement almost every look.

Take note of your body type too. Are you heavy-set or slim? The fit will make or break your style, ’cause let’s be honest, nothing screams lousy more than a baggy, oversized blazer.

And since pre-made attires are always a gamble (the jacket’s shoulder always align with yours, btw) consider investing in a custom tailored suit made by gentleman brands such as J.E and Company to find your fit.

Pants Maketh Man

As the old saying goes, pants should be like the love of your life – it hugs you, but it never ever clings to you. And as these britches literally make up half of your look, finding the right pair is a must.

The perfect fit should feel cozy around your thighs and hips, but never tight. They ideally should also end at the ankle, just high enough to show off your shoe.

Also, a true dapper man should be versatile enough to graduate from wearing just jeans into sporting a more diverse set, which includes slacks, khakis, and chinos.

In the end, it’s all about the shoes

All the hard work you’ve put in your uppers will come crashing down if you’re wearing an ugly ass and uncomfy pair of bottoms.

And while there is an endless array of footwear to choose from, you can never really go wrong with the classic loafers.

These timeless sets go with just about any type of pants – chinos, khakis, jeans, you name it. Plus, they’re easy to wear, the leather allows your foot to breathe, and the small heels in most loafers arch your feet in a way that spares you from the strain of walking.

It’s where style meets comfort and practicality.

Up your dapper game with a combo of perfect fitting, bespoke suits from J.E and Company and premium footwear from R.E Craftsman.

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