Wear the hood! Colab releases its very first streetwear collection

Gelo Lasin

It all started as a dream; that same dream turns into a vision, vision turns into a plan, and then the plan turns into a reality. Colab, a new player in classy street fashion officially raised its flag!

For their first release, Colab dropped five unique designs that highlight different personalities that make up a colorful metropolitan culture. The team was able to transform the harshness, the beauty and the boldness of urban environment into something that is worthy of a section in a street art gallery.

And now, let’s roll up the drapes to unveil what Colab has to offer! Each design was presented in an artistic perspective by the guys behind the brand.


This concept tells the story of a young individual that we normally meet in the streets with a lot of ideas in mind.

The loose geometric patterns symbolize raw ideas that are ready to be positioned on their right spots. The design tells much about this generation of imaginative, bold and cultured young professionals who, with the right inspiration, can turn rubble into something extraordinary.


This is Colab’s dedication to street artists.

Creativity consists of three basic components: Inspiration, Implementation and lastly, the End Result – hence the three brush strokes. Street art will never be complete if it misses a single element.


This item goes out to all self-contained group of individuals that we occasionally cross paths with. This is Colab’s interpretation of how strength doesn’t necessarily require numbers. This piece talks about group exclusivity.

Street Hustler

Colab dedicates this piece to the people who are loud and proud in achieving their goals. No distractions. No drama.

If you are a results-oriented individual who will stop at nothing to hit the target, then this one is for you.

The Sneakerhead

Now in all corners of the city, you will see sneakerheads flaunting their kicks. This design complements the branding element of today’s sneaker industry. This is the sportiest concept in this collection.

All five designs are available from Small to XL.

This release offers classy self-expression at its best. Get a hold of Colab’s first exclusive collection!

For pre-orders and inquiries, contact Colab through their Facebook page at CoLabClothing or IG at Colab_Clothing_Collection. You can also visit their website at https://colabstreetwear.com/.

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