Travel light with these beauty kit essentials

Gelo Lasin

Are you one of those women who have a tendency to overpack when going on trips? Do you overstuff your makeup or kikay kit with a lot of face and hair care products when you need only a few items to meet your grooming needs?

To help you declutter and travel lighter, here is a list of kikay kit essentials which, on top of your personal hygiene stuff or toiletries, should be enough to make you look and feel presentable, if not attractive, throughout your trip.

1. BB Cream is the starting point of your daily makeup routine.

After you step out of the bathroom, your BB (blemish balm) cream is the first thing that you will need to moisturize and even out your skin tone. Get one that has SPF (sun protection factor) for that flawless and sun protected skin. 

2. Compact powder is a kikay kit must-have to keep your face always looking fresh.

A shiny face is simply unforgiveable unless you are using a shimmer bronzer makeup. It’s best to always keep your face matte and oil-free.

3. Lip tint gives you a healthy touch of color to counter a tired or pale countenance, while making you look sharp and smart.

It can also double up as cheek tint to give you a pretty blush and, yes, an instant boost of self-confidence.

4. Eye shadow and eye liner will complete your made-up look.

You can bring your favorite duo shades of eye shadow so you can blend them on your eyelids, while your eye liner seals the look. As they say, the eyes are the windows to your soul – so always keep them looking great.

5. Hair brush and hair clips or ties are what you will need to fix your crowning glory.

A well combed or brushed hair is a clear sign of good grooming, as well as the best way to enhance your look.Bring hair clips or ties as well as these will come handy in fixing your hair, especially if you find yourself in a humid or windy situation.

6. Hair Freshener should be the newest and must-have addition to your kikay kit.

Make room for this first-of-its kind product from Vitress to enjoy great smelling hair after a grueling commute or eating at restaurants or food parks. Vitress Hair Freshener’s insta-fresh technology takes away unwanted odor from your hair – leaving it with a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance and shine.

So there you go. Organize your kikay kit now and make sure you only bring what you need.

You can buy Vitress Hair Freshener from your favorite supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide at SRP of only Php55.

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