9 ‘aesthetic’ Filipina Instagrammers that you should know about

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Instagram has seen the debut of tons of content creators ever since social media became accessible to basically everyone. As such, today’s feeds sometimes feature posts that come off as too similar and unoriginal.

But even with the onslaught of content from undistinguishable faces, there are still those who managed to carve out their own place through their unique sense of creativity, thereby falling under the so-called ‘aesthetic’ category.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of Filipina Instagrammers who rose above the usual norms and weren’t afraid to be different.

Check it out.

Cara Lopez (@cdclopez)

Cara’s style feels familiar with its tumblr-esque vibe, with the genre of the clothes being all mixed up: the 80s tees, the ‘art hoe’ getup, and the cute Japanese-inspired skirts.

Her photos are even filterless, which makes it unique and surprisingly appealing without the added tints and contrasts. 



Etienne Chantal (@etiennechantal)

Chantal’s wardrobe is made up of basics but that doesn’t mean she’s to be disregarded.

Her slightly tinted feed is full of personal curated photos, and her style can sometimes be comfortable and laid back or hip and very retro, with no in between.


Alyssa May (@_alyssamay)

Alyssa’s suntanned-palette style is engaging to anyone for sure. She definitely knows how to rock those leopard dresses and dark garments, sometimes playing it with white and denim to balance the tone.


Renée De Guzman (@reneeedg)

Another on the list is a fashion and travel blogger. What makes Renée distinct is that she isn’t afraid to experiment with pieces, may it be bold or flared up.

We absolutely love her notable travel outfits like her hats (she isn’t called Hat Queen for nothin’), the fringe dress, and the signature culottes.


Melissa Gatchalian (@sartorialpanda)

Melissa’s photos are such a 70s aesthetic, characterized by satin tops and the dreamy, sparkling filters. She also loves to dress up with vintage summer fashion such as checkered and tropical pastel dresses.


Aijalonica Lei (@vectortears)

Lei’s photos are so kawaii with the pastel pink and soft, muted colors, making her fashion classed with the babygirl tumblr category. Her framing and coloring edits are also just very alluring!


Pat Cortez (@iampatcortez)

The gal who invented the rashguard fashion by using rashguard as a fashionable top. Who would have thought that it’d make a great ensemble with some pants?! Pat’s style also has a touch of the western street style, which suits her blue flared mane.


Florian Trinidad (@floriantrinidad)

A Filipina stylist who has some retro street style going on, with the checkerboards and bright orange tops. Her styling is similar to her fashion, with all the apparel oozing of creativity and pizzazz.


Mica Montes (@aintyonoona)

Mica’s style is an insta baddie lookbook which is sometimes mixed up with a Korean aesthetic and a 90s vibe. Her love for hairclips and adorable bling makes her an epitome of cuteness.



Contributed by: Cha Balcos

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