5 local streetwear brands you should be reppin’ right now

Kat Mayuga

If you’re all about fashion, then you’re probably familiar with the big streetwear brands like Supreme, Bape, Off White, and so on. I’ll bet that at one point in your life, you’ve worn those box logo shirts (or BOGO shirts as they call it) and tucked your pants into your socks.

But if you’re also a supporter of local goods, then you’ll be pleased to know that the streetwear game in the Philippines is at par. It’s good that concept stores like Purveyr Post are very supportive of homegrown brands.

Here are a few of the reliable streetwear names that you should be reppin’ right now:

1. Royalty

Royalty has come a long way since they started a few years ago. That’s why it’s safe to assume that it is one of the most famous local streetwear brands here in The Philippines. They were first known for their Japanese-inspired baseball shirts. Now, they have just released their latest drop in which they collaborated with local artist Garapata. The collection features loud doodle designs on a fanny pack and button-down shirt among others. But if you want a more minimal design, you can also check out their Nippon Collection at Bratpack stores.


Instagram: @royalty.com.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/ROYALTY88PH

2. MN+LA

As the name suggests, MN+LA is all about bringing LA fashion to Manila. If oversized and boxy fits are your thing, this streetwear brand will surely provide for you. They got a wide variety of tees from plains to printed. Besides boxy tees, they also have sweat shorts, lounge pants, and even jackets. You can easily dress yourself up from head to toe in just MN+LA.


Instagram: @mnlaofficial

3. Cold Gold Philippines

Your outfit doesn’t end with your clothes. If you want to spice up your style, adding some bling would be a great idea. You’ll definitely find something you like from Cold Gold’s wide variety of chains, bracelets, and rings. If you’re the low-key type, you can just throw in a slim rope chain. But if you like flexing your bling, you can opt for the thicker chains or even the tennis chains for more ice. Check out your favorite rapper for OOTD inspo.


Instagram: @coldgold.co
Facebook: facebook.com/Coldgold.co

4. Bearskin Clothing

Bearskin Clothing is reminiscent of college football days as they feature ringer shirts, varsity jackets, and rugby shirts. Staying true to their slogan, which is “only for the chosen few”, they release their collections in very limited quantities. Sometimes, they even release surprise drops for loyal followers. It truly is one of the brands that will make you feel special.


Instagram: @bearskinclothingco
Facebook: facebook.com/bearskinclothingco

5. Factory

If you’ve ever wondered where Jasmine Curtis-Smith got the jacket she was wearing at the Baka Bukas poster, your prayer has been answered. Factory features retro-inspired pieces with vibrant colors. They have a selection of denim jackets in different washes with large embroidered designs at the back. They also have a corduroy jacket if denim is not your thing.


Instagram: @factoryforhire
Facebook: facebook.com/factoryforhire

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